About Us

Metrolek is an electrical company serving mainly the domestic sector.

We are a family run business and were founded on 11 April 2006 with the founder having 30 years relevant experience in the electrical field.

We are situated in Port Elizabeth and operate mainly within the city and the greater Nelson Mandela Metropolitan area.
What seperates us from other Electricians?
We are a young, motivated company with loads of enthusiasm stretching far beyond the boundaries of our work.
We have an absolute passion for the industry and regard ourselves as perfectionists, taking care of the finer details.  We have an outstanding reputation in the field and are busy compiling a list of valuable comments from our dedicated customers.
Another exciting feature we are looking forward to in the future will be a photo gallery of our work.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we will post our pictures up for all to see!!