Our Products

Metrolek has been in business long enough to distinguish quality from affordability and relies on only the best quality products available.  Many serious insurance claims have been narrowed down to the use of budget parts and we do not intend being just another statistic.  For this reason, we do not revert to delivering poor quality parts for the sake of being cheaper than our competitors.
Metrolek has actively been involved in making sure that the customer receives products that last.  This assists both the customers as well as Metrolek.  We found that delivering sub-standard products significantly raises the cost of delivery over a period of time due to warranty call-outs and unnecessary administration, travel and more importantly, man-hours.  What we are saying is, we do our best to ensure you get the best!
Our main choice of product is Crabtree, which is renowned for durability and safety features. For more information on Crabtree products, please visit their website at: http://www.crabtree.co.za/